Another educational pillar at FAB is the organisation of the APS (aprenentatge i servei) learning and service activities. These activities are aimed at pupils at risk of social exclusion at schools in L’Hospitalet, who spend a semester working with different social stakeholders in the area and with artists in order to develop a project for a mural painting that takes an important local issue as its subject. The pupils learn about different art techniques and social behaviours, exchange ideas with the artists and, finally, create a collective artwork based on the ideas discussed in the classroom. The first edition of “Art on the Walls” was conducted with 6th-year primary pupils at the Gornal School, who teamed up with Gornal Women’s Group to repaint the mural against gender violence on one of the outer walls at the centre. The school contacted the Europa Institute, which provided students from the open classroom programme to act as tutors for the Gornal School children, and PQPI vocational training students studying painting to mend the wall. The Arranz-Bravo Foundation Educational Service supported the group of pupils from the Gornal School and the Europa Institute in the process of designing and painting the mural as requested by the Women’s Group.