“Come to Art” is a course aimed at schoolteachers in L’Hospitalet that provides basic training in the theory and practice of art. The course lasts a full academic year and ends with an exhibition of the work created in the classroom and a mural created by an artist linked to FAB in cooperation with pupils at the school. The objectives of the course are to provide teachers with art training, to stimulate thought about how to integrate the artistic phenomenon into each teacher’s school curriculum and, finally, the development of art projects involving pupils at the school. In the introductory course, the teachers learn briefly about the history of art, particularly from the twentieth century and contemporary art. The group studies different creative processes, how to educate the gaze and about the tools necessary for making art just another element in the teacher’s professional life.

The first course was given in 2009 at the Rosa Sensat Teachers Association Summer School and the following year became one of the core resources of the Arranz-Bravo Foundation Educational Service. To date, the course has been given at the following schools in L’Hospitalet: CEIP Pau Vila, CEIP Ramon y Cajal and the Charlie Rivel School.