Eduard Arranz-Bravo was born in Barcelona at the Carrer de Tamarit number 74 on the 9th of October; the son of Antolín Arranz de Blas and Angélica Bravo de Laguna, an Argentinean woman with an Italian mother and a father from the Canary Islands. He is the youngest of seven sons.

He travels to Italy, which leaves a lasting impression to him. First individual exhibition at the University Club of Barcelona.

Borns his son Sergi. Various individual exhibitions in Ibiza, Saragossa and Barcelona.

A radical change in his painting, creating a style which critics named “New Figuration”, a term he detests. Awards from the Biennale Estrada Saladrich and the Biennale.

He travels to Paris and begins an uninterrupted period painting radically abstract works. He meets the physicist Miquel Masriera, who encourages him to continue painting.

Presented by Miquel Masriera, exhibition at l’Ateneu Barcelonès, where his work was recognised by critics for the first time. Eduard Arranz-Bravo at the age of one.

He marries Carme Mestres, a painter who he met at the Fine Arts School. Wins the Gran Premi and Medalla d’Or awards at the International Bienialle In Ibiza.

Borns his daughter Natàlia. Military service in the artillery. The decisive “Nuevas Expresiones” (New Expressions) exhibition opens in the Sala Gaspar of Barcelona.

Various group exhibitions with Bartolozzi, Llimós and Gerard Sala. Receives the Inglada Guillot Award in the tenth year of the award.

He begins an intense ten-year period of artistic collaboration with Rafael Bartolozzi, with exhibitions, events, painted buildings, design and a series of highly diverse activities. Noteworthy work; the exterior of the Tipel factory at Parets del Vallès, the buildings at Magalluf and the house of Camilo José Cela in Mallorca, the anthological exhibitions of La Ciudadela of Pamplona and of the Architects’ College of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Diferent exhibitions in París, Bonn and Nova York (first solo exhibition). Edition of  American Poets, by Ergane Gallery, New York.
Artistic direction of  El largo invierno film, directed by Jaime Camino.
 Mentre li construeixen la nova casa-estudi a Vallvidrera, The architect Lanfranco Bombelli builds his new studio in Vallvidrera.

He exhibits in Casa de Cultura de Girona.
Important exhibitions in Germany -Munic, Bonn and Berlin- and United States -Washington and New York.

First exhibition at Franklin Bowles Galleries, New York
Exhibitions in Barcelona, Segòvia, Bilbao i Bad Honnef.
 He presents the project Faith, at Museu Nacional Centre d’Art Reina Sofia of Madrid.

Exhibition at the Juan Cabré de Calaceit Museum, in addition to various exhibitions at Coral Gables in Florida, Miami and Barcelona. Double exhibitions in Mallorca and Girona, one in the Capella de Sant Nicolau and the other at the Fontana d’Or. The latter is a collection of his works from the Cadaqués era. He produces various printed series such as the “Elements” and “Latitudes” series in benefit of the victims of the Madrid terrorist attack. He paints the “Big Soul” series and collaborates with chef Ferran Adrià on a beneficial work.

An anthological exhibition in the Miramar building of Sitges organised by Ricard Planas and Sitges Town Council. All his work for the sculptures of The Welcomer and The Bridge of Freedom is shown at the History Museum of L’Hospitalet. The publication of a catalogue with his pictorial works is combined with a display of his engravings at the Caixa Manresa Foundation. New exhibitions open in Bilbao, New York and San Francisco. Work starts on the creation of the Arranz-Bravo Foundation.

The Local Area Government of Barcelona organises a travelling exhibition of the Arranz-Bravo Foundation collection throughout Catalonia to 2010. On the 17th of September 2009 the provisional offices of the Arranz-Bravo Foundation are inaugurated.

The Auditorium Barradas de L’Hospitalet accommodates a sample from the funds of the collection of the Arranz-Bravo. Foundation

The Arranz-Bravo Foundation presents his project The mistery of light

Big painting exhibition Arranz-Bravo. Magnus, in L’Hospitalet (Tecla Sala Museum) and Terrassa (Centre Cultural Terrassa)

During the 70’s, he also participates at the exhibition “Mides Universals”, with 170 works, at the Saló del Tinell at Barcelona and at the 39th Biennale of Venice, the anthological exhibition at the Palau Solleric and at La Llotja of Palma de Mallorca together with a series of individual exhibitions in numerous countries.

His friendship and artistic collaboration with Joan Ponç is also highly significant.

Exhibitions in Madrid, Santander, Palma de Mallorca and Lausana. First solo exhibition in New York.

Important solo exhibition in Paço Imperial de Rio de Janeiro, where only had exhibited Pablo Picasso i Joan Miró as spanish artists.
Exhibition at Catalan Pavillion in Expo Sevilla ’92.
 Exhibitions in Birmingham, Bonn and New York. He also creates artistic series for Barcelona Olympic Games.

Exhibitions in Catalonia: Sant Feliu de Boada, Colera and Cadaqués, also in Hong Kong and New York.
 Important works for the condal Theatre of Barcelona, with  Pep Munné.

Exhibits at  ARCO, Madrid,  Barcelona, and Bergisch Gladbach. Antological exhibitions in Centre Cultural Tecla Sala de L’Hospitalet -curated by Maria Lluïsa Borràs-,  Centre Cultural de la Caixa de Terrassa and Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona).
He ilustrates Hommage to Catalonia (George Orwell), edited by Círculo de Lectores de Barcelona.

His work is exhibited for the first time in San Francisco and once again in New York, in the Franklin Bowles Galleries. He presents his graphic work in Madrid together with a selection of new oil paintings.

The first exhibition of the collection of the Arranz-Bravo Foundation takes place at the Tecla Sala Cultural Centre of L’Hospitalet, with the publication of a catalogue and DVD created by art critic Albert Mercadé. Exhibitions in are held in Lleida, Santiago de Compostela, London, New York and San Francisco. The inauguration of the monumental public sculpture The Bridge of Freedom takes place in the presence of the President of the Catalan Government, José Montilla and the mayor of L’Hospitalet, Celestino Corbacho and other dignitaries. The Arranz- Bravo Foundation is officially created.

Exhibition at the Sala Capitular of the Sant Cugat Museum and the highly succesful presentation of his latest work in London, New York and San Francisco.

Annual exhibitions to the galleries Frankling Bowles Galleries, in San Francisco and New York. He also sets forth in Rome, in the Gallery Edieuropa, as well as in the city of Barcelona, To the Area Gallery and To the Hospital vall d’Hebron Parallelly the Foundation Arranz-Bravo organizes the thematic exhibitions, Arranz-Bravo: Impaktes i Arranz-Bravo. Self-portraits .

The Arranz-Bravo Foundation presents the exhibition Arranz-Bravo. Sculptures

First solo exhibitions in China (Shanghaii, Matthew Liu Gallery) and Russia .