Mercedes Pimiento. Terminal Architectures

Mercedes Pimiento (Seville, 1990) presents Terminal Architectures, a project based on material experimentation and the expanded articulation of sculpture. The artist raises new materials linked to urban, domestic and industrial structures and infrastructures, such as ducts, channels, wiring, false ceilings, pipes or connecting circuits, which interest the artist both for their formal qualities and for the new spatial and conceptual possibilities that they open it.

Mercedes Pimiento is fascinated by structures that, despite transporting essential elements (water, electricity, data, gas) man tries to make invisible, with the paradox that these structures are increasingly decisive in our lives . As the inspiring essay of this project states (Terminal Architectures, by Martin Pawley, 1998), the more virtual our context becomes, the more structural and residual physicality surrounds us. Thus, the homes where we live look like connecting terminals: receptacles where cables and pipes of arrival and exit of information and raw material flows are connected.

Mercedes Pimiento is interested in both, the structural joints and her sculptural presence that she perceives, mainly in the industrial environment of Hospitalet, where she has a studio in the FASE creation space. Pepper works through organic materials (vegetable wax, beeswax, rosin or powder resin) or artificial (latex, viscolatex, silicone), and adapts its test materials in pre-existing structures (such as ventilation ducts or industrial packaging parts) , using different reproduction techniques, such as molds or formwork.

The exhibition continues and expands throughout the territory with an intervention by Mercedes Pimiento at the La Carpa del Hospitalet school. The artist presents a series of interventions and structures that offer us the possibility to think about the flows, the connections and the reasons and consequences of the traffic of the materials. The strength of the concepts emerges in an area where the work and modification of the raw material stands, for the stubborn, as a metaphor beyond the most obvious taxation.

The initiative is part of the Tandem project, of the Arranz-Bravo foundation and the La Carpa school, curated by Artur Muñoz; an initiative of art and pedagogy in the school, which since 2018 has been transforming the curricular artistic contents of all the educational lines of the center, making them participants in the latest currents of contemporary art and design.

During the exhibition, you can visit the intervention of Mercedes Pimiento in the school, as well as learn informally about the pedagogical and innovative proposal of the school La Carpa.