A collective of artists in L’Hospitalet

The Foundation presented its first major group exhibition devoted to the artists resident at the Freixas Factory, one of the most active sites for the production of contemporary art in the city. The residents at this art factory include sculptors like German Consetti and Marcos Romero, the potters that form the La Nave collective, Francesca d’Alfonso, Sophie Thomson, Raúl Hernández and Paola Masi, the Mermeladastudio group of designers (Miguel Ángel Juárez, Laura Blasco and Álex Estévez) and artist-in-residence Quico Estivill. Their works were placed on show at both FAB and the studios at the Freixas building, and on the opening day the two exhibitions were symbolically linked by a parade of the arts led by the percussion group Batubaroa Batucada.