Arranz-Talo. Los extremeños

The exhibition Arranz-Talo. Los Extremeños’ is an artistic project developed by Eduard Arranz-Bravo (Barcelona, 1942) and Felipe Talo (Barcelona, 1979).

For ten months, Talo and Arranz have worked closely both through the mail and in the study of Arranz-Bravo in Vallvidriera. Paintings, videos, paintings, letters, sculptures, boxes, drawings and everyday objects manipulated are the result of an intense process of ‘artistic cannibalism’. The project seeks to recover, from a contemporary point of view, the spirit of creative partnership lived by Arranz-Bravo during the seventies and eighties, with artists like Rafael Bartolozzi, Jaime Camino, Bigas Luna, Ferran Adrià or Richard Hamilton.

The exhibition is complemented by the publication of a catalog and a critical text written by Sonia Fernández Pan.