Francesc Ruiz Abad. I didn’t know I was collecting

I did not know I was collecting’ is the first solo exhibition of an institutional nature of Francesc Ruiz Abad, winner of visual arts Arranz-Bravo 2015. The curator of the exhibition, Anna Dot, proposes an exhibition route that it consists of a random sequence of paintings, drawings, books, maps, boxes, travel documents or audiovisual linked to the artistic and personal journey of the artist. The exhibition wants to highlight the “procedural” nature of the work of an artist who has done most of the pictorial experiences roaming (Europe. Asia and America). His work is a “painting crossing.” as defined in the catalog of the exhibition, Albert Mercadé artistic director of the FAB; an open painting to the own strategies of conceptual art -the travel, exploration, and research- textual work, without sacrificing the aesthetic principles of contemporary painting: irony, plastic strangeness and intensity.

Francesc Ruiz is a leading exponent of the new Barcelona pictorial scene; a generation born during the nineties that has the ambition to return the painting to the centrality of contemporary art. His pictorial referents are mainly in contemporary European painting: Sigmar Polke, Oliver Kossack, Fiona Rae, Jakub Julian Ziolkowski or Leipzig School (Tilo Baumgärtel, Jonathan Meese … etc), this is the last city where Frances Ruiz has live. An ironic, psychedelic and vital work, which links to the work of resistant paints our own context, as Pere Llobera or Nilausen Rasmus.