The Hyena’s Laugh

Parallel to his exhibition at FAB, Jordi Abelló illustrated the book La risa de la hiena [“The Hyena’s Laugh”], a text written by Rafael Argullol in one of the chapters of his essay Visión desde el fondo del mar [“Vision from the Bottom of the Sea”], Acantilado, 2010). Edited by Albert Mercadé and designed by Júlia Polbach, the book explores different nuances of laughter –cynicism, vanity, sarcasm, ambition, etc.– noticed in the faces of both dictators and international politicians in recent history, up to the present. In his study, Argullol displays his vast humanist knowledge, Abelló his thorough understanding of the modern and contemporary portrait. This is a lucid, ironic, angry book that faithfully reflects the current state of disenchantment with the political classes.