Vanishing Points

The result of a project curated by the art critics Irina Mutt and Sandra Martínez, this exhibition forms part of FAB’s “Dissidences” series. In it, emerging artists and
curators just out of university (in this case, the University of Barcelona) are brought together to work on a completely new exhibition project. In Vanishing Point, Musach, Owens and Ibàñez react to a hostile environment with their art and challenge the structures responsible for the current systemic crisis through actions involving waste material, nature and the human body itself, calling for a return to the essence of life and to critical thinking. The exhibition catalogue was presented in the presence of the art critic Pilar Bonet and several groups of artists who discussed the slogan behind the show: Frictions, Artists, Collectives, Institutions in the Age of Self-Management. The project ended with a finissage Evening Picnic in the courtyard of the Foundation during Museum Night.