Xavier González Arnau. The Joy of the Jump

The Joy of the Jump was the title of the project presented by Xavier González Arnau (Terrassa, 1980), a painter who has lived between Berlin and Croatia since 2004. Gonzàlez sees painting as a frontier from which to express the deepest truths of the spirit, and he employs various liberal arts –music, thought, poetry and soon– to connect with and enrich the creative experience. With references to the philosophy of Nietzsche and Reyes Mate and the sacred texts of the Old Testament, Gonzàlez sought in this Joy of the Jump to transmit a sense of hope in a world overexposed to materialism. At the official opening of the show, Gonzàlez created a painting
on a sheet of backlit methacrylate to the beat laid down by DJ Fra, a resident disc jockey at the Sala Apolo club in Barcelona.