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The Arranz-Bravo Foundation currently holds a collection of two hundred and ninety- two works by the artist: ninety-seven paintings – many of them in large-scale format – seventy-one drawings and paintings on paper, nine bronze sculptures – including the bronze and aluminium study of El Pont de la Llibertat (The Bridge of Freedom), which is located at the crossroads of the Rambla de la Marina with the Avinguda del Carrilet of l’Hospitalet–, a multi-coloured sculpture –L’Acollidora de la Fundació (The Welcomer of the Foundation) – and one hundred and forty prints, made using various techniques, such as etchings, lithography and serigraphy. Two decorative pieces for theatre plays also form part of the collection.

The collection starts with works from 1950 – which are of importance for investigators of Arranz-Bravo’s work– and follows each year through to the present day.