The Arranz-Bravo Foundation is provisionally located in the Tecla Sala Cultural Centre building, which was designed by the architect Jordi Garcés. The future definitive location in the old El Molí building will be of a similar appearance and will be located in the same area.

The El Molí building is located in front of the Tecla Sala Cultural Centre and was one of the first industrial buildings constructed in l’Hospitalet de
Llobregat. The building is architecturally significant due to its unique appearance and the construction methods used. The project will begin after the railway construction which will result in a significant amount of demolition work, and will return the building to its original state, combining those structures and elements which can be saved while completing the remaining project areas with new constructions and the incorporation of those elements which can be reutilised, such as metallic supports, wooden structural components, beams, roof trusses and tiles.

The total surface area of the project is 2,489 m2.